Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I shall break in my Accuquilt Go!Baby.

I have visions of quilting going through my head. I've finally decided on a design. I have my Accuquilt Go!Baby and all the dies I need to finish cutting out my quilt. I really love the Go!Baby fabric cutting system. It makes really precise cuts, and my triangles have never been truer. I'm looking forward to adding the hexagons, drunkard's path, diamonds, tumbler, and apple core to my collection. I also want to add more flowers, birds, and other applique shapes as well. The only downside is the fact the dies are a bit pricey.

Will I ever get the Accuquilt Go!, the big sister to the Go!Baby? Probably. I have my heart set on doing a Wedding Ring Quilt. It's always been on my bucket list, but cutting one out has always stopped me and Accuquilt has the Wedding Ring die for the Go! It has other hard to cut out classics too, like Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Winding Ways, and the applique dies by Ricky Tims look intriquing. Reminds me of Hawaiin applique.

I started cutting out some of the3" triangles. Now I'll need to cut out the rest.I got the rest of the dies for the 12" mix and match block set except for the 2 that won't work with the Go!Baby. (The 6 1/2 " square and 6 1/2 " triangle.)  I have some flower dies and the cute dragonfly/bee/butterfly die as well. I was originally going to do a windmill pattern, but now I'm thinking a sampler quilt so I can incorporate some of the other dies. The Accuquilt site has free patterns for a lot of different combinations for the 12" die set. Here's a link to get the free download:

I'm planning on using some of the block ideas, but I'm definitely goiing for my own tweeks. So I'm getting off this computer and I'm going to go make something!


  1. Will you make me a quilt one day?

    1. I plan to make all of you a quilt. Your the one I want to make the wedding ring quilt for. You asked me for it years ago. It's just such a pain to cut out.

  2. Yay! Wedding ring quilt!!!! I love that pattern!


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