Dear Jane...Dare I???

So many Dear Jane quilts out there! What is the magnetism that draws us to this quilt? It's no easy task to complete a Dear Jane Quilt. A challenging compilation of 169 blocks, 52 triangles, and 4 corner kites to intrically peice with teenie weenie designs. Then you consider...Ms Jane had not a sewing machine, and stitched her blocks by hand.( Ok, bless her heart, she definitely had the advantages of no cable television, no internet, and the other distractions the modern day woman contends with), but still, all those little tiny stitches, not to mention the hand quilting...WOW, Jane, darling, I bow to your endeavors! For me, completing a Dear Jane quilt is like climbing Mount Everest, winning the Tour de France,and eh! You get my drift.

I can imagine her sitting quietly on the porch, her sewing basket at her side, immersed in this creation that would someday challenge woman all over the world to follow in her foot steps. The satisfaction of completing yet another block, admiring it for it's simple beauty, dreaming of the completed project. As I read through the Dear Jane by Brenda Manges Papadakis, I was drawn in. What a wonderful person that Brenda is, to share her knowledge, and love of Jane! Thank you, Brenda! Now I love Jane too, and as I start this journey, I will lovingly think of this strong woman, who must have  endured much hardship, yet managed to create a thing of beauty in spite of it all.

Jane represents strength, endurance, and finding joy in the simple things of life. A most virtuous woman, and that is a quality I strive to achieve!

Dear Jane: the Two Hundred Twenty-five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt by Brenda Manges Papadakis Dear Jane: the Two Hundred Twenty-five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt


Dear Jane,
Soooo, I traced the template for block 1, cut out the fabric and yesh! My gauge is off, and my block is wonky. I'm so ashamed! Back to the beginning for me! I'll definitely be checking my 1/4 inch gauge next time. Yes, dear, I did it by hand. But I have this perfectly good machine, and am a machine sewer. Tips for next time??? Not wait until I'm sleepy to start the block!
Until next time!


Dear Jane,
I've completed A1! It took me 2 tries to figure out my technique for peicing these blocks. I was rusty at paper peicing, but this first block has brought it all back. It's not perfect, but I'm proud of this first tiny little block. I've decided to go with black and brights. I really love bright colors, guess it's the Japanese in me.

Block A2 is half way done. It's going togther better than the first one, now that I'm more proficient at paper peicing. The blocks are fun to do, and so challenging!

Later Girl!


Dear Jane,

And then there was 2! It went together much better than the first. I think I have the swing of paper peicing again. Now for some gumbo!

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