Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Street Clue 5 & 6

I was glad today's clue was easy breezy! I had to finish up the tall flying geese from last week, with Christmas, work and all putting me behind. Here are ES 5&6. I only took pics of part of the stacked bricks, the rest are stacked neatly in their tub, awaiting further instructions! 

I really wished I would have had the black on white print fabric required, but in person, the white on cream print stands out better. I hope it looks okay in the final quilt! I'm a bit worried about it.

Now the tall flying geese I'm please with! Love the colors of the batiks and it's such a fun fabric to work with. Whew! Been sewing all morning, and now it's time for a break!

Hope your Easy Street is coming along! I've been looking at the link ups and love all the variety! Can't wait to see the next clue New Years Eve, even though I have to work. I'll be off New Year's Day. Here's hoping everyone has the best New Year ever!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Looking Alot Like Christmas!!!!

For Christmas this year, I thought I needed some precious grandbaby pics! Here is my sunshine and the reason I have such a big smile on my face!!! Aiden and Addi! What more could a Nana want! They are the most lovey dovey babies you could ever ask for!

Now Aiden and Addi are not home. They went to Auntie Sarah's house for the weekend. While they were away, these two elves were busy in my living room. Now I'm not an elf hater by any means, but 5:00 am? Ahhhh the night shift elves! One of them looked alot like a Nana! Hee Hee!

Any how, there is a huge dollhouse with Addi's name on it! It comes complete with a garage and a chandelier. Barbie is high styling it now!

And then this dune buggy drove in! Aiden will be driving all around the backyard! It even has a seat for Addi! ( They'll be wearing helmets of course!) I can't wait to hear the squeals of joy! Santa has certainly outdone himself this year!

 We're celebrating Christmas this Sunday.  I have to work both Christmas Eve and Day. Kinda of goes with nursing! So from my family to yours...Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with love and joy! I know mine are!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Easy Street Clue 3 and 4 Completed!

Oh what fun I've had with Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery! I really loved the shaded 4 patch. Though I wound up redoing a few blocks. I decided instead of mixing the the turquoise prints, to keep the same print for each 2 inch square. I also decided I needed to have 4 different pink prints instead of 3. The extra print worked out better I think.

Here are my flying geese units. I think I'm getting better at these. I really like the Easy Angle ruler set. You know, I've had the rulers for some time, but never used them to their potential before! Bonnie is such a great teacher and it's so kind of her to do this free mystery quilt, along with the lessons. She's just so awesome!


Here are my revised shaded 4 patch. I'm much happier with these colors together!

And let's not forget my green squares! I just love Batiks! Don't you?

 Now I don't presume to speculate, but just couldn't resist laying out my blocks! I LOVE IT! I think it's sassy and fun! So now I'm chomping at the bits to see what the next clue is! And hey...I've kept up! (That's amazing for me!)

 Now for my other project. I have the Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett. I love this book! This is the quilt 2 of my daughters have fallen in love with. So I bought all the fabric and 2 Bali Pops.It sure won't be done in time for Christmas, but they will be,"Just because I love you!" gifts.
 Here is what I've done so far! Love LOVE the bright colors, but you knew I would! It's such a fun quilt and is going along quickly! This is only a couple of days work. The daughter who's quilt it is, is just chomping at the bits. She seen me working on the mystery quilt, and said,"Is this for my quilt?" Uhhhh,'s for my mystery quilt. She looked so sad! (Ok, so I'm bad about finishing things!) Fear not dear Amy and Angela. Little do ya'll know that making a quilt for all my loved ones is my resolution for 2013! (Yeah...provided the world doesn't end on 12-21-12. I don't think it will...I'm just not feeling it, and I always have premonitions when *&%$ is fixing to happen.)
Love all you  gals that leave me the sweet comments! Thanks for visiting! Hope your Holidays are joyful and sweet! We are so ready for Christmas. I have to work, but we're doing our Christmas the weekend before. 
Last pic! Here's my Addi girl on her 4th birthday! December 7,2012. Happy birthday Addi Baby!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt

I'm just so gosh darn excited to be participating in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Along, Easy Street. I've never done a mystery quilt before, so I am excited to see this quilt transform. This is my color palette. I strayed a tiny bit with a substitution of cream with white print for the black on white print, and pinks instead of purple. I love the Batiks!
 Two inch strips, ready to sew! The grey is Kaufman Artisan Elementals Fern in Steel. Hancocks Paducah is having a sale on batks.
 And here are 201 4square blocks! And yes, I twirled the centers! I love the cream and grey together!
 Now I'm working on finishing my flying geese. I just came down with the grandkid's virus, and it's slow going. Get up, sew a bit, go  back to bed and bury myself in a blankie! Amazing the bugs they bring home from Kindergarden! I think I'll send some Lysol spray to Aiden's class this next payday. Last time I sent a bunch of hand sanitizer.
You can go to: Easy Street Mystery Quilt and quilt along with us!

 Here is my bound and quilted baby blanket. I'm so pleased how it came out! Hope she is too!
 I free motion embroidered the baby's name. I think it was the perfect touch! Now I'm off! got to finish those geese!