Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sister's Choice...Blocks finished!

Sister's Choice blocks finished and sewn together! Now I have to consider the border's. Did you see Bonnie Hunter's Sister Choice? I just love it! I'm afraid I didn't see her lesson on Neutrals until after I was too far committed into my fabric choices. Still, Addi is most very happy with what I've completed, and I watched her little fingers tracing along the different blocks, and she would ooooo and ahhhh over the different fabrics.( This is why you sew for the little darlings, right? I have visions of her hunging onto her quilt long after I'm gone, remembering the Nana that loved her enoough to make her a quilt.)

I'm thinking a thin red border with a wider pink border. My daughter suggested that I put her name and a message on the back. I think I like that idea! After this, I have to quilt Easy Street and this quilt. I also have a smail's trail, and a couple of other UFO's that need quilting.

What are ya'll up too?