Thursday, July 18, 2013

Working on a Wacky Web Quilt

And once again, it's been forever since my last post. My only excuse is that it's summer time, and grandkids want to swim.In between the swimming and such, I have been working away on a Wacky Web Quilt. I'd seen the Youtube video by Missouri Star Quilt Company, and fell in love with the pattern. Having a big box of strings, I just knew I wanted this to be my first string quilt. So far I have 14 blocks made.  
 Perfect for passing the evenings with a good movie on in the back ground. I love mixing the colors, and the anything goes rule. It's  a fun project and I'm debating on appliqueing a few spiders here and there for fun. I'm thinking this will be a nice quilt for Aiden, who is quite into bugs these days anyway.
 Missouri Star Quilt Company has a Wacky Web kit. It has 250 triangle papers, a WW ruler and a lapel temporary glue stick. I also bought a few Muslin Mates charm packs by Moda.
 The template fits perfectly on the charm packs. I trim 4 layers at a time. It goes pretty fast.
 Then a little lapel stick to the paper triangle, just enough to hold it down. Your ready to start adding your strings.The triangle papers come in a refill pack too, so you don't have to repurchase the whole kit. Or you could make your own triangle papers, but the packs are so inexpensive, and I really like how easy they tear away. Missouri Star Quilting Company is one of my favorite online shops. They always have a daily deal, that is hard to pass up. Love their videos too. Go check them out!