Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breaking in Ruby!

Finally! Two days off, back to back. I'm not sick! I've put on the soup bones, meat, and such for a big pot of Pho, so dinner will be a snap. I've cut out my blocks with my Accuquilt Go! Baby. I now have time for me and Ms.Ruby! Ahhh, what a sweet sew n sew she is! I put on my 1/4" foot, and she almost sews by herself! LOL.. when it comes to embroidery, she does sew by herself. Here's the first pattern I've stitched out on her. I thought the pattern was cute, and plan to make a patchwork bag with it. Basically all I have to do is set up the embroidery hoop, pick the pattern, and change thread colors when she chirps at me! I just love technology! I plan to digitize some of my own patterns. I have the Embird program with the digitizer. I've already made a Hello Kitty pattern for Ms.Addi.

 Now for some serious sewing! I have all the blocks cut out with the Go! Baby for a Snail's Trail quilt. I'd seen the pattern for the quilt on the Accuquilt site and got the book, "Quilted Curves & Strips" from the site for the pattern. Then that same week, my friend, Ms Julie from , was making a Snail's Trail. I thought that was just so neat! Her quilt came out so awesome! Anyway, here is my very first quilt block hot off the new machine. I really am loving my new machine. I really loved how the Go! Baby cut out my little triangles too. They're dogearred, so you can really match up the blocks precisely. I didn't find a need to square up after peicing. Instead of black and reds, I'm going with hot pink and turquoise. You know that Addi really loves her pink! (Nana does too!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I did get my dream machine!

No pics this time. But just an update. I finally did get my dream sewing/embroidery machine. I went with the Husqarna Viking Designer Ruby! Oh, what a dream she is to sew on! I've played around with her a bit. I even finished a nice embroidery with whimsical birds and birdhouses in a tree. I'll post a pic later for sure. But as luck would have it, I've been sick, and haven't felt like doing much of anything except blowing my nose, and staying buried under the blankies. I'm so thankful for the snuggie my DD got me for Christmas. It's just the thing to ward off the chills.

I have some days off coming up., so I'll be enjoying the new machine then. The peice I embroidered will make a nice front to a quilted tote bag for work I think. Addi and Aidan are already begging for me to make them something as well. They love to watch the machine embroider. Aidan says when he gets big, he wants to sew. (Why not?)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. DD Amy got me a box of chocolate covered cherries, and DD Sarah came for a short visit. DD Angela called me up to wish me a happy Valentine's. The kids are sick too, so they were pretty quiet all day. Mostly rubbing their noses, saying,"I can't breath, Nana." Never under estimate the power of Vick's Vapor rub. Anyway, that's how I spent my Valentine's. Chocolate covered cherries, and the aroma of Vick's. Did get some good cuddles though. They are very cuddly when they are sick.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cabbage Rose BOM

Look at this quilt BOM from Cabbage Rose!!! Is it not just gorgeous???  It's called Flower Pots. The Kaffe Fassett prints will come laser cut with fusing all ready to go! Not available yet, but coming soon!

I think I want to do this one! The finished quilt measures 78"x90". I don't know how much the monthly charge on this will be, but their other BOM are really reasonable. Go to:

For more info. (Not affiliated with Cabbage Rose in anyway... I just thought this BOM quilt was really gorgeous, and thought I'd share!)