Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breaking in Ruby!

Finally! Two days off, back to back. I'm not sick! I've put on the soup bones, meat, and such for a big pot of Pho, so dinner will be a snap. I've cut out my blocks with my Accuquilt Go! Baby. I now have time for me and Ms.Ruby! Ahhh, what a sweet sew n sew she is! I put on my 1/4" foot, and she almost sews by herself! LOL.. when it comes to embroidery, she does sew by herself. Here's the first pattern I've stitched out on her. I thought the pattern was cute, and plan to make a patchwork bag with it. Basically all I have to do is set up the embroidery hoop, pick the pattern, and change thread colors when she chirps at me! I just love technology! I plan to digitize some of my own patterns. I have the Embird program with the digitizer. I've already made a Hello Kitty pattern for Ms.Addi.

 Now for some serious sewing! I have all the blocks cut out with the Go! Baby for a Snail's Trail quilt. I'd seen the pattern for the quilt on the Accuquilt site and got the book, "Quilted Curves & Strips" from the site for the pattern. Then that same week, my friend, Ms Julie from , was making a Snail's Trail. I thought that was just so neat! Her quilt came out so awesome! Anyway, here is my very first quilt block hot off the new machine. I really am loving my new machine. I really loved how the Go! Baby cut out my little triangles too. They're dogearred, so you can really match up the blocks precisely. I didn't find a need to square up after peicing. Instead of black and reds, I'm going with hot pink and turquoise. You know that Addi really loves her pink! (Nana does too!)

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