Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making other noodles into RAMEN!

Apparently, you can turn other types of noodles into Ramen noodles by cooking them with a tablespoon or two of baking soda, according to Soba, udon, even spaghetti noodles are fair game! But why bother, when you can just open an instant package? Because, packaged ramen noodles have been fried, and are full of sodium - not exactly the most healthful choice. Cooking noodles with baking soda increases the cooking time slightly, but results in slippery, chewy, ramen-textured noodles that you can enjoy with your favorite homemade soup or dipping sauce.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just like starting over!

Starting over? Why yes, yes I am! New blog, new ideas! Something old, something new! I'm not giving up on fiber arts. I still love the spinning and the knitting. But somewhere along the road I left behind the sewing and the quilting. (Ever tried to sew with little fingers reaching up for your pins, grabbing for the rotary cutter, and yikes...trying to touch the needle while your sewing? Yeah, thus the sewing/quilting hiatus!) But little ones get older, wiser, and can understand the word, "No" and the phrase,"That will hurt you baby." I'm getting re-aquainted with my sewing machine.

I just bought myself a little present too. I got an Accuquilt Go! Baby fabric cutter and some dies. I really love it! I'll be posting my adventures with it soon. Right off the bat, I've been cutting 3" half square triangles out of a gorgeous fabric cake I picked up at Jo Ann's . It's chalked full of pinks, turquoise, lime green, and browns in florals, paisley, and I just love the colors! It's destined to be a pinwheel throw for general family use. Sure to please the pink loving granddaughter, Addy.

So yes, I'm starting over. I plan to spend more time creating, and blogging about it.

PS- There will be guest posts by The Little Stiches...aka, my crafty DDs!