Friday, January 6, 2012

Rainbow E2 Series Vacuum

My new to me Rainbow E2 series vacuum system complete with the AquaMate II shampooer. Lord, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this vacuum! It really sucks!

Ok, I had a Hoover Wind Tunnel with Hepa filter. I loved the bagless thing,  but it only lived for a year. It also blew dust all over the place. I noticed after we vacuumed, the television cabinet would be covered in dust. If you have an asthmatic child living in your home, you'll know that your just asking for a severe asthma attack, and each time we vacuumed, Aiden would indeed have an asthma attack. So I research the web, and discovered Rainbow with it's water filtration system, recieved high marks from consumers and allergist specialists. Well, the latest new system  is about $2500, give or take a couple of hundred $. I didn't have that kind of money, but really wanted a rainbow, so I researched Craig's List. (Did I mention I'm a Craig's List junkie?) I found this little beauty for $275. It's in perfect condition and what I vacuumed out of my carpets today is absolutely disgusting. I didn't even have half the living room vacuumed, and the water in the tank literally turned to mud! . The carpet definitely regained some of the nap from it's youth and feels so soft and well, clean.It looked like I had shampooed the carpet! I have to rate this vacuum 10/10, it's expceptional! So if you really want a great vac at a reasonable price, think about stalking one on Craig's List. I'll never own any other vacuum again!

Update...just recently tried out the shampooer attachment. WOW! It did a really great job, and so did my DD Amy! (She worked very hard!) Aiden hasn't had nearly as many asthma attacks lately either, now that's impressive!

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