Friday, January 27, 2012

I want a new sewing machine!

I want a new sewing machine. I have a Brother 8500D that I bought in 2000 as a reward to myself for graduating from nursing school. It's been and still is a great machine! It's older though, and the embroidery software is obsolete for my version of windows. The newer models have a USB connection and you can download designs directly from your computer or a memory stick. Anyway, I've been test driving the new machines and drooling! I find it simply amazing that a machine can do so much these days and absolutely love the concept of the the longer work area! I have tried to quilt on my 8500 D several times, and found it to be frustrating. The two machines I'm in love with now are considered midline. First is the BrotherInnovis 2800D.
 I love the Disney designs that come with it, 128 in all, plus another 82 non licensed designs. With all the grandkids, it definitely would be a plus for embellishing their clothes. It has a nice 11.4"x6.8" sewing area, Automatic Height Adjuster which would make the quilting easier, color touch screen, on board editing, and embroiders up to a 10.25"x6.25" hoop.(I can only do up to a 7"x5" with my old machine!) 314 stitches up to 7mm wide.   I can get a used one for $3000, or a new one for $3999 at Sewing World. Definitely tempted by the gently used one. Only downside is that the used one only has a 30 day warranty. If the newer Brother is as solid as my older one, that wouldn't be an issue. My 8500D has been a true workhorse and has never missed a lick in 12 years, never had to go in for repairs. Hmmmm, I really should take it in for a cleaning though.

 The saleslady was a little pushy though. She was wanting me to put one in layaway right then and there. I wasn't ready to buy yet, and I don't want to do layway, I want to pay cash. I want to test drive more machines, this is probably the last machine I'll buy for a very longtime! I wanted to look at Janome and Babylock, but she wasn't interested in showing them to me. "This is the machine you want!" Uhhhh, Not necessarily! I'm definitely factoring in service in my final decision too.

Next up is the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby!
Now I am really drooling over this machine! 14' x 8" work area and embroidery area! Woof! It has stadium lighting which means I can actually see what I'd be sewing! (Nana is getting older and blinder!) Ruby boasts about 1000 different stitches up to 7mm and a sidemotion feaure that extends the stitches up to 50mm wide, YIKES! 322 included embroidery designs.It has the touch screen with machine editing as well.  You can drop the pressure foot with a tap of the foot, and when you stop at the end of a seam, you can needle down and the pressor foot automatically lifts slightly so you can turn a corner.It also has a sensor for automatically adjust to different fabric thicknesses.  It has some extras you can get like cutting needles for cutwork. Arlington Sewing has them for $3849 .99.

Decisions, decisions!!! I'm really leaning towards the Ruby. I love the work area. I test drove it, and it's like going from driving a Ford to a Cadillac! I liked the salesman, Brad,  at Arlington Sewing too. He was very patient, and wasn't pushy. I was given the opportunity to ask about the different makes of machines and wasn't pushed towards just one machine. He was knowlegable enough to be able to give me the pros and cons of each machine. I really enjoyed my test drive!


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    1. It certainly is. Another pro for the Brother is the fact I already have extra feet that would be compatible, not to mention all the embroidery designs I already have. I'm not getting rid of my 8500D though, so it'll still be here. I'm still stradling the fence and I just can't make up my mind!


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