Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simply Chili

I promised to post my Chili recipe. It's really simple, and I never have left overs, so it must be pretty good. First of all, in a good sized stew pan on a medium high heat, your going to brown 3 lbs of a lean ground meat.  I've used beef and I've used turkey. If you use turkey, your going to need to add about 3 tbsp of olive oil first.
As the meat is browning, add1 heaping cup of the PictSweet Seasoning Blend. I get mine at Walmart in the freezer section. It's a nice way to cheat if your a working woman, which I am. Or you can chop up 1 medium onion, 2 stalks of celery, and 1 red bell pepper. Once added, keep chopping up the ground meat and veggie mixture with a spatula until the meat is separated and the veggies are cooked.
 Now add 3lb can of undrained Bush's Pinto Beans (I personally think they taste the best, but use what you have), a large 1 lb can of diced tomatoes, and 2 packages of William's Chili Seasoning ( don't substitue here, it's gotta be William's). Give it all a good stir. Now I use the beef base instead of salt, and a few good shakes of garlic salt. Now turn down to medium low, and let it simmer...the longer, the better. If you have to work, then put the whole thing into a crock pot after you brown the meat and veggies. You'll come home to some tasty chili! And by the way, when your seasoning, keep in mind the crackers have a lot of salt, so don't get too heavy handed with the beef base.
PS- If you like a bit of spicy, add a can of Rotel too. Yummy!!!

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