Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Island Chain Quilt for Amy...Piecing complete!

And at 1:00 am, I have finished piecing Amy's Island Chain quilt! All done in Bali Pops, I think the rich colors are totally yummy, and as usually find myself a little sorry I finished the piecing. It was truly a fun pattern, and I enjoyed it so much! Kudos to Kim Brackett, what a wonderful design this is! Sorry for the poor picture quality, but it's late, and I don't have any help to hold the quilt up for a picture. 

Another view, I used my Bali Pop scraps to make the border a bit larger so it will fit Amy's bed. The dark chocolate/wine color in the borders, really makes the colors pop! Amy hasn't seen the finished product yet. She's now sick with what were all passing around. Angela is very excited, because she loves the same pattern, but in her colors which are more Aqua and Lavender  I think I have this pattern down pat, and it won't take near as long to do hers, especially since I'm not mixing an Easy Street in with it!

So what are you working on? Are you following Bonnie with her flying geese and reproduction quilt? 


  1. Oh, she is going to love that one, Mary! Yes, I am making geese, out of crumbs, and they are such fun to make!

  2. This quilt is beautiful! And yeah, I was going to start the flying geese in crumbs quilt....but hubby said I HAVE to finish a UFO first! :o( Dang it!

  3. Oh yeah! YAAAAAAAY! My quilt is next!!!!!


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