Monday, January 14, 2013

Easy Street...Close to Complete!

All my blocks for Easy Street are finally complete! (Actually, I have done all the blocks for a 4 x 4 block quilt, but have decided to do the 3 x 4 block quilt.) Now all I have to do is join the blocks! My tush is still dragging from this flu. I have asthma, and it has my airway really irritated. Thank God for inhalers! 

 Here's a close up of the blocks. I was worried that the white on cream fabrics weren't going to look as nice as the black on white fabrics, but now that I see the finished results, I think I like it better. It certainly makes the pattern more pronounced. This has been such a fun quilt along, and I've enjoyed it so much. Now that the quilt is close to completion, I feel a bit sad! Not too sad though. I still have Amy's quilt in progress, and need to finish it soon! (She's patiently waiting!)


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