Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy Street Follies or What Was I Smoking???

I was reviewing my block on Facebook, and I noticed, "OH horrors...I made a slight mistake! If you look at the first pic the lower four patch squares turned the wrong way! Ack! 

 Ok, it's an easy fix, no big deal.See...all better now in the next pic!  If that's the worse mistake I make, I'll pat myself on the back. But I digress...

 While pressing and starching my triangles, LOOK what I found!!!

 Not just one mismatched triangle, but 3!!! Yep, the 'ole seam ripper will be seeing some action today! Now Bonnie clearly warned about watching which way you placed the four patch, didn't she! (I think she knew I'd do this! Ok Bonnie, I will better heed the warning now!)

Ok, enough whinning! I will now go fix my mistake, and get back to my blocks!


  1. As I was putting the whole top together last night, I noticed 2 4-patches in wrong! I looked at the whole's so scrappy and mixed up.....I don't think I'll even notice....or care! So I left them in! lol

    But I think your colors make the blocks more you were smart to fix it now! Big pat on the back, Mary!

    1. Thanks for sharing Regan! It's so easy to turn those 4 patches the wrong way! As I remember, these 3 triangle units were the last ones I worked on, and I was pushing that midnight oil, so to speak! I have one triangle unit fixed, 2 more to go!

  2. Your batiks look AMAZING! I can't wait to see your quilt completed. I had to be very careful about placement as well, it is rather tricky. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Kevin! I've managed to fix all my blunders, and have 4 blocks done now. Work tonight, then 3 days to work on blocks undisturbed! (Been busy with holidays, birthdays...etc!) Hope to get mine done!


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