Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ohhhh, but I have been sewing!

It's no secret that I love a good yard sale! It's great fun to drive around, and finding bargains for pratically nothing! Like these little dresses for Addi! They were skirts, and too big to wear as skirts for her. I paid a dollar each. I knew I wasn't going to put them up forever, waiting for her to grow into them. A little ribbon for strap, a few stitches, and ta dah! Summer dresses to play in. Ms Addi is all about the dresses. I made her a matching hair bow too!

Then there is progress on the bag. I made a couple of fancy pockets for the inside. and finished the side panels. It's being finished up now. The sides and bottom are sewn on, and binding is in progress. It's a really big bag! Maybe too big for work, but I'll carry it once to show it off. I used the Accuquilt Go! to cut out the flower applique. Mostly I'm just testing out my Ruby, to see what all she can do. I'm really loving this machine! It sews like a dream, and has no problems sewing the mutiple layes of the bag together. I especially love the appliques stitches on Ms Ruby, and definitely have some applique quilts planned!

Last, but not least...There's a zombie boy loose in my house! He's growling, and biting everyone in sight! LOL...It's Aiden in Zombie makeup! His NuNu has been playing with makeup again! I think she's has the zombie makeup down pat!


  1. I absolutely love those dresses! Great find. Your bag looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Sam! I made some more dresses out of the pre-shrilled fabric too! Addi is in dress heaven! I'll have to post some pics of those too.

  3. The dresses are too cute! I also like how your bag is coming out.


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