Monday, May 14, 2012

Just thought I'd share a bit of beauty!!!!

I just thought I'd share a bit of beauty with you! My mother's day lillies are opeing up! Oh how fragrant and lovely they are! I have them setting on my sewing cabinet so I can admire them as I sew!

Here's one blossom that could stand on it's own! Is this not the most perfect lilly you've ever seen?

And finally...My Georgia O'Keefe moment! What an artist our Lord is! Perfection! God Bless you momma's out there everywhere! I hope your mother's day was as joyous as mine! Now I have to go and play with my new digital picture frame that my DD Sarah got me. It's just such a kewl present! I've always wanted one of these!


  1. Those lilies are gorgeous, Mary! Thanks for sharing them! It will be several months before I have them blooming in my garden.....I can't wait!

    1. Your so welcome Regan! Thanks for the kind words! How lucky you are to have some in a garden! I hope you'll post a pic when they bloom!


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