Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quilted Bag is Complete!

 Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. But I do have a finished bag to show!  My quilted bag has been done for a while, and I finally got around to posting some pics. It's no small bag!
 Here's my DD Angela modling the bag. It's plenty big to hold all my nursing stuff and a lunch sack too! I enjoyed the happy colors. The edges of the panels are all with 1/4 inch seam binding, and then I stitched the panels together by hand with a ladder stitch. It went by faster than you'd think. The fusable pellon I used in the side panels and bottom to stiffen it up made trying to stich the panels together tough. I couldn't get a clean finish. By binding all the edges, and ladder stitching by hand, it went together much easier, and I love the clean finish.
 Large back pocket for magazines, folders, etc... Button closure from my Momma's button jar that I've been carrying around for years. She'd have liked that!
 Custom pockets inside for all my goodies.I had a blast embroidering and appliqueing. I gave my new machine and my Accuquilt Go! die cutter a good work out. I felt the bag was a great place to showcare my work. I'll be smiling everytime I get into my bag. It's such a happy bag!
 Side pocket with a favorite saying. Bob Marley, you were so wise!
 And my Live,Love, Quilt! A motto to live by! Keeps you out of trouble!
And here is Addi modling her Hello Kitty sundress. Complete with matching bows. She's more fun than playing with a Barbie doll!
That's all I have for now. I'm going to finish the snail's trail quilt next. So I'll have some pics soon. I also started and Grandmother's flower garden. I can't wait to post about that!

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  1. I <3 your bag mama!!!!
    Such a bag would be excellent for school!


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