Saturday, March 9, 2013

Strange Feet Indeed!!!

While tuning up Ms.Bessie, who's purring like a kitten... I came across these in her box.

Never really paid that much attention, but these feet don't go with her. From what I have found out, they are Griest feet, made for Singer? Anyway, I don't own a machine that uses these feet. There is a bit of rust, but it doesn't affect the mechanism, and some ingenius person might know how to deal with said rust. Point is..does anyone out there want these feet? I would most happily send them to you. They're just in my way, but I wouldn't dare pitch them knowing someone out there would love to have them.

Sooooo, if your that person, leave me a message. These feet can be yours! 


  1. I would like them, Mary, please let me know the cost...

    1. No cost! Just wanted them to find a home!


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