Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Been Too Long Again!

Apologies for being so long to post! I have been busy making a Twister Christmas Tree wall hanging. It's a fun little quilt, kinda like peicing a puzzle. I enjoyed watching the pattern take effect and the little pinwheels form. It's a crazy thing. You peice 2 1/2 in squares into a pattern, then take the 1 1/2 inch Itty Bitty Twister tool, and cut blocks yet again! Here's a pic of the finished 2 inch squares peiced. You'll note the tiny Twister tool in the upper left side of the quilt if you left click the picture to enlarge it. It's hard to see, it's so tiny! I was surprised to see the finished blocks reduced by half, but the resulting pinwheels was worth it!

 The almost finsished wallhanging! (Still sewing on a few sequins to accent the quilt) I love how it came out! Such a fun project done in plenty of time for me to make a matching Reindeer Twister quilt before Christmas. I echoed quilted the pinwheels of the tree by machine, and background is stitch in the ditch squares. I got fancy on the first little green border with some feathers, but alas, it doesn't show up well. I echoed quilted the Christmas Tree border. It was my first real machine quilting on Ms. Ruby. I am so loving this machine! I got some new Machinger gloves at Magnolia Quiltworks in Pantego. I'm told they will really help with the machine quilting, so I'll be breaking them in soon. Magnolia Quiltworks is also where I go the pattern and fabric for the Twister Christmas Tree quilt. They have the yummiest fabric there!
 Then to introduce my new/old little baby! 1947 Singer Featherweight! I have been coveting these little machines for 20 years now! I seen one long ago in a quilt shop in Burleson, TX. I fell in love, but it had a whooping $300 price tag. ( I know...the going rate now, but back then it was a lot!) I didn't even pay that for Ms.Bessie, after my dear old Aunt Bessie who was epitome of the Virtuous Woman in the Bible. I remember loving to go to her house, it always smelled of fresh baked goods, and she was the queen of pecan pies! She was a quilter and I wished I could have had one of her quilts. But I remember her voice, she was loud, always smiling, laughing, and made the yummiest foods.

The machine came with quite a few feet, some I have no idea what they are for. I've had fun surfing the web, trying to figure them out. I love looking at this relic of time, wondering how many quilts have crossed her path. There's wear on the decals on the front of the machine bed, so I know she's seen some action. She's still in good shape and makes the loveliest straight stitch you could want, and her motor just hums. Yes, I'm in love with her!!! Such cuteness! I hope this becomes a family heirloom and gets passed down through the generations as Nana  Walker's old featherweight. 


  1. is great to hear from you once again. I thought you had left me behind. Love your quilts. They are beautiful. I always enjoy looking at your work. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed day. Teri.

  2. Your twister is fabulous, and that featherweight...wonderful! Enjoy them both, Mary!


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