Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nana's Flower Garden Quilt and Addi's Dress

We have a bout of illness running rampade through the house. I won't bore you with details, but I've been laid up for 2 days in bed, and am at that point where I'm sick of being sick. I don't feel up to doing much else, but I thought I'd update my blog with what I've been up to lately.

First of all, I've been cutting hexies with my Accuquilt Go!. Geez, this die cutter is so nice, and when you get spoiled to it, you'll wonder where it's been all your life! I've always wanted to do a Flower Garden Quilt, but was put off with cutting out the hexies. This is just too easy now! I cut the 1 1/2 inch hexies out of fabric, and the 1 inch hexies out of freezer paper. It's the perfect combo for English Paper peicing.

 See all my hexies! There is a bunch, and I still have a bunch more to cut out. I use the normal saline syringe tubs at work to organize my hexies. (They stack up perfectly, and it's recycling to boot!)

And here's the progress on my Nana's Flower Garden Quilt. (My grandkids call me Nana, so thus...)
I love this for a portable project, and it's just right for when you have  a bit of time to kill before work, but don't want to commit to anything extravagant.
Then I've been hair bow making.Gotta keep Addi in bows! Some match her outfits, like this one.

Addi't new bandana summer dress. Actually I've made her a few summer dress. The girl loves her dresses! I plan to enjoy this while I can as none of my DD's ever cared to be in dresses. Too much tomboy in them! Addi is all girly.
And lastly, here are the hairbows I've been making. Hows that for FuFu? I have more ribbon and plans for more too. I found a video on Youtube for Angry Bird Bow. When I feel better, I'll be tackling that one next!

PS- This is what I did with the half a bandana I had left from Addi's outfit. I made a matching bag! In all, the dress, bows and bag took 3 whole bandanas. Not bad! I have more bandanas too! I think the next dress will be patterned more after a pillow dress. I've seen those on pintrest, and they're cute!

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