Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Dream Come True! My Singer Class 66 Treadle Machine!

Look what followed me home! She was a little bit tight. Had to do some cleaning and a good bit of oil.Now she's so quiet, and purrs like a kitten. The wife sold her husband's aunt's Treadle. The grandmother was the original owner, and was a descendant of Anne Boleyn's family line. One of Anne's siblings as a matter of fact! The machine was brought here to Texas from North Carolina. It is model number G081660. She was born April 8,1924 in Elizabeth,New Jersey. Don't you love it when your machine has a history! She's in pretty good shape. The decals are amazing. i'm in love!

The cabinet is in amazing shape. I don't plan to refinish it. It just needs some polish. I got her a new belt and have start sewing 2 inch 9 patches on her. A most simple design to help me get used to treadling. It's a bit tricky, but I'm getting the hang of it.I may take her later to a repair shop for a good tuneup if I can find someone that can work on antique machines. If anyone knows someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, give me a hollar!

PS- I almost forgot! I have named her Anne! (Given her history, I think it's perfect!) She's a nice cousin to Bessie, my featherweight!

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