Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's been forever since I last blogged.My only excuse is going through menapause and getting off an antidepressant. Menapause makes you crazy and the antidepressant had me so sedated, all I did was sleep. I've made it past the menapause now and have been off the Lexapro for almost a year now. I must say I'm feeling like my old self again. So I have been quilting again. This is a memory quilt for a friend who lost her Mom. I'm really pleased how it turned out. It took me a year to make. I FMQ it on my Juki TL 2010 Q. I'd been following Leah Day's blog on FMQ and she had recommended this machine. I love it! It only does a straight stitch, but it does it so well. It's my favorite machine to piece with as well. 


  1. Love your finish. Looks like it will provide many peaceful sleeps. Great design.

    1. Thanks so much! She really loves it. I named the quilt Joy and pray it will give her comfort and Joy when she cuddles it!


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