Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Darling Friend!!!!

My darling friend, Ms Julie, gave me a present the other day! Ok, hold your breath!!! She gifted me with an Accuquilt Go! along with some choice dies!!! I've been doing the happy foot dance every since! How generous the gifts! Thank you Ms Julie!!! I love you girl! (sniff, sniff!)

 I'm making progress with the first embroidery from my new machine. I've decided to showcase it by making it the center of a new quilted bag. I have a couple of nights off to work on it. (Hurray!)
 Last, but by no means least....My grandbabies Addy and Aiden! Aiden said, "Hey, take my picture too, Nana!" So I got one of them both. They are growing up so fast! Don't you just want to kiss they're little faces? MuuuWahhhh! The little lights of my life!


  1. You are the most welcome ever!!!! Enjoy dear friend!!

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    You are the most welcome ever!!!! Enjoy dear friend!!

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